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Welcome to The Corinthians Association

The Corinthians Association is an East Coast USA sailing association focused on sailing cruises and supporting members cruising in our waters.  We offer our members well organized cruises. Our premier event is a one-week Annual Cruise which may be in waters anywhere from Maine to Chesapeake Bay, varying from year to year.  Our cruises are an excellent extension of local yacht club activity.  We have port officers from Maine to Florida.

The major cruises are usually June in the Chesapeake, early August in one of Maine, Cape Cod & Islands, and Narragansett Bay to Montauk, followed by a September cruise in the Chesapeake. Each of the four fleets hosts one or more overnight rendezvous and various off-water events off-season. Gams are also planned in Maine and Florida. We are experimenting with cruises in the Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds in June and October. Our cruises complement the Snowbird cycle. We periodically coordinate cruises with an English sister club.
All members are members of the Association.  Most members choose to be affiliated with one of our fleets:  New England, Mystic, Long Island Sound or Chesapeake Bay.  Each fleet runs its own events from less formal weekend raft-ups to formal cruises and winter gams. 
Members sail in company with other members informally for the pleasure of their company and the benefit of other hands and eyes if needed.
We do not have a clubhouse - however, we do have a widely recognized flag, which we fly with pride.  The Association was founded in New York City in 1934 and has 400 members today.  The Association is volunteer managed.  Our structure provides many opportunities for meaningful volunteer roles. 

Some of those volunteer roles are our Port Officers and our work to match crew and skippers.  For more, see Port Officers and Crew.

While we focus on cruising on the US East Coast, our events include races in boats from Dyer Dhows to 12 meters and cruises elsewhere.  For more, see Breadth of Opportunities.

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