Connecting crew and skippers is an important member service. Through Forums, any member can post for crew or berth. The initial posting will trigger an email to all members. Whether the objective is an Atlantic crossing or an Annual Cruise, these postings are effective. Have a look at existing postings. 

Before posting for Crew Wanted or Berth Wanted, consider reviewing the several crew experience data in your Member Profile.  When you click in My Profile, you will see many data elements not shown before clicking Edit.  You can find "My Profile" in the gray menu bar on Member Landing Page, the page after Login. 

Post crewing requests on the appropriate one of two Crew Forums:
If you are looking for crew please post at: Crew Wanted;
If you are looking for a boat on which to crew please post at: Crew Available.  These Forums can also be reached directly from Crewing Opportunities in blue column at right of this and all the website pages after login.

Expectations of Crew and Skippers

Those who have sailed offshore or otherwise overnight on "little ships" underway know the comforts are often limited. They also know the rewards are great. Crew know they may sleep with their baggage, so that baggage should be minimal and soft. Skippers know they must manage crew according to the crew's ability to contribute to managing the ship. Crew are committed to helping manage the ship according to their abilities.

A new member with boat may find a long-time member without boat who can make introductions. Long-time members with boats may seek crew to help run the boat, and meet other Corinthians. We are members for the pleasure of each others company.

Sailing and racing on Other People's Boats (OPB) are the best ways to improve your own skills, while making wonderful friendships. Your Member Profile is your connection between willing skippers and crew. A photo in the Member Profile promotes introductions. We are committed to soliciting crew and skipper berths at every on-water event.

Fair winds and following seas!