The Corporation (a Delaware non-stock corporation) is a Membership Association of amateur yachtsmen known as The Corinthians.

The Board of Directors includes the Officers and Elected Board Members.



 John Butler

 Master's Mate:

 Eric H. Nietsch

 Second Mate:

 John Hilton


 Richard Bowers


                              Mary West                       


 Elected Directors

Tom Hughes

Joe Rocchio

David Siwicki


The Afterguard includes the Officers, Fleet Captains, elected Afterguard Members, and committee chairs, including Activities, Communications, Finance, Membership, Race, and Trophy Committees.

The Officers and Fleet Captains are members of The Afterguard as long as they hold their respective offices.  The term of office for elected members of The Afterguard is two years.

Fleet Captains

 Chesapeake Bay:

 Gary DeVito

 Long Island Sound:

 Larry Mead


 Henry Atterbury

 New England:

 Dave Fraizer


Elected Afterguard Members

Woodroe Leach

Greg Shea

Thomas Stoner

 Committees of the Afterguard


Cheryl Young, Chair; Sharon Bell (Port Officer Liaison), Ginny Hilton (Annual Meeting Chair), David Hornbach (LSC Liaison), Elliott Storm (Annual Race/Cruise Chair), Fleet Activities

Communications Peter Clerkin, Chair; Emma Jimmyer (Webmaster), Robert King (Jibsheet Editor), David Shinkfield (Mainsheet Editor), TBD (website photos editor), Historian: William P. Thomas, Mary West (Yearbook Editor), Fleet Communications
Council of Past Masters TBD
Finance Kraighton Stack, Chair; Richard Bowers (Paymaster), Hank Recla (Ship's Storekeeper), Al Robbert (CB), Leslie Wollin (LIS), Cal Buxton (M), Fleet Paymasters
Membership Sam Winans, Chair; Kraighton Stack, Chair; Alex Higby, Vice-Chair; Fleet Membership Chairs: Dan Benfield (M), Hank Recla (CB), John McCarthy (NE), Kraighton Stack (LIS)
Nominating TBD
Race Chris Rogers, Chair; TBD (Single- and Double-handed Race Chair), Elliot Storm (Annual Race/Cruise Chair), TBD (Ancient Mariners Race, Frostbite Regatta, and Fleet Challenge Regatta Chair)
Awards Denise Vitale, Chair; Bill Burnham, Past MasterFleet Membership Chairs: Laurie Duncan (CB), Barbara Herrmann (NE), Lee Reichart (M), Britt Whelpley (LIS)


Updated 01/19/2024