The Corinthians

Corinthians Annual Cruise 2019:  Maine

Version 2.0 of the Cruise Website has been published on 16  July.

It has been updated to reflect the Cruise Book that was released on 5 July.

The website is intended to augment the Cruise Book and make its information available on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Information about the Corinthians Annual Cruise 2019:  Maine can be found at the:

Cruise Website:  Corinthians Annual Cruise 2019:  Maine

Information presented in this website is Current as of:  16 July 2019; and supersedes previous versions.


1.  This is an official unofficial-website provided as a service to fellow Corinthians by Joe Rocchio, Chesapeake Bay Fleet, in coordination with and with the forbearance of the Cruise Committee and the Afterguard.   Any issues should be addressed to:  [email protected]

2.  This is a private website.  It can be reached through the official website by members who have logged in.

3.  Members / users are requested to not distribute the URL for this website beyond fellow members who are cruise participants.

It will be continuously updated as new information becomes available.